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Whoever Tells the Story Wins the War

I was driven with a desire to help people, a heart that wanted to give and a mindset triggered by an accident. It’s a mentality fired by loss and hurt, by passion and influence. In order to reconcile the events of the past, I grew up believing and being told that things happen for a reason, that each additional day was a blessing and opportunities would be presented when they were ready.

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I’m sorry- I’m just a farmer…

It is with great frustration at times that I hear this throw away line, a simple phrase that I believe is truly attributing hindrance to our progression as an industry. The very notion of negating what we do instantaneously prevents the discussions that we should be having, especially to an audience who may have no idea as to what a farmer actually does. But these 4 words are ruining more than this, they also frequently appear as one of our arrows in the quiver, hiding away to limit or refute our successes.

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