Joshua Gilbert

Revitalising history and culture to maintain another 100,000+ years of farming.


About Josh

Joshua is a Worimi man, whose family ancestors are recorded as having the first recorded birth in a cave in the Gloucester mountains. His connection to the Worimi nation stems through both his parents, tracing back to the Bugg family.

Josh’s work seeks to connect traditional Aboriginal knowledge and history to current contexts, translating past wisdoms and learning to the opportunities of the future. His work brings together the old and the new, weaving them together to develop new insights and findings.

He is an entrepreneur and business advisor, working predominantly in the Aboriginal cultural, agricultural and environmental spheres. He has worked with numerous of not for profits, businesses and government to develop change and bring people on a journey of change.

Josh pursues transformation through modern truth telling, bringing new concepts to the forefront through acknowledgement of the past.



Josh is a well known climate and environmental advocate, having bridged the climate change and agricultural discussion to lead one of the first, proactive, international climate change motions.

He has been named Australian Geographic’s Young Conservationist of the Year, shot a documentary with Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project, was a Young Australian of the Year Finalist and shares his Aboriginal wisdom with audiences, such as his TEDxCanberra presentation.


“Traditional Indigenous Knowledge is the key to success in the future.”

Joshua Gilbert